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ecobox for
A Germ Free
Active Pure Technology



"I just love my new ecobx air purifier. it
gives me the peace of mind that I need
for myself and my family in my home.

Jane Walker
San Jose, CA

ecobox NASA Technology


ecobox™ Air Purifier

The ecobox Air Purifier is one of the lastest additions to
the Air
Purifiers by EQ™. It is a Natural,
germ-killing, odor-reducing unit based
on NASA research to create safe
environments during
space travel

"It's like a Thunderstorm In a Box"

With An ecobox You Can Win the War Againt
Pollution and Germs- Inhale Pure Fresh Air,
and Keep Your Living Area Germ Free!

Avoid "Sick Building Syndrome" and other respiratory related
problems due to polluted air with an OSHA approved
technologically-advanced air purifier!


Self-contained and Portable
Air Purifier, Deodorizer, Sanitizer
Great for Home or Office Use


The all new ecobox ™ is one of the lastest additions to the EQ line of Air Purifiers. It is simialr to Fresh Air but
smaller and is a portable filter-less air purifier, Ionizer, sanitizer, and a Deodorizer unit.

ecobox kills germs on surfaces. That’s proven. Viruses on doorknobs, like the flu, die. Bacteria, like E. coli and Salmonella on countertops, are stopped in their tracks. And mold is attacked wherever you can see it. That means less exposure to illness-causing germs for your friends and family.

The ecobox can also
remove almost 100% of all airborne particles from the air that you breathe indoors and can help provide you with the peace of mind that your indoor environment is also germ free.
The ecobox can also safely and quickly neutralize, destroy, and render harmless all gases and airborne irritants like smoke, odors, dust-mite, cock-roach antigens, animal dander, allergens, mold-spores, airborne bacteria, viruses, and more from your indoor environment.

Why not join millions of satisfied customers in seeing for yourself how effective an ecobox can be in your home or office starting today?

The ecobox is
based on NASA

Considering portability, capacity, functionality and ease of operation, the ecobox can provide
you with a germ free
and cleaner indoor air

The ecobox Air is the perfect air purifier, air cleaner, and air sanitizer for indoor areas of up to 1,500 square feet.

110V 50/60HZ
ion generation pulsator
RF pulse ionization,
UV light, a cleanable
pre-filter, under 30 watts power consumption
can produce up to 100
mg of O3/hr.
Weight: 2 lbs
Color: Pearl, Graphite

ActivePure Oxidizing Technology, Remote controlled, 3-Speed Fan (up to 300 cfm air delivery) Permanent Carbon impregnated lint screen, 0-100 mg/hr ozone output.


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospital Rooms
  • Mold/Mildew Prone Areas
  • mobile homes
  • Photo labs
  • Dental or surgical rooms, etc.

Other Great Features:

Compact and portable
Programmable, wall installation or table-top operation!
Plugs into 120v outlet
Low power usage and quiet operation.
No duct work required
Low maintenance
No replacement filters
No residual odors
Company service is available
Creates negative-to-positive ion ratio of 4:3
Less than $3 per month average cost over the 10-year product life.

Theecobox purification system is perfect for keeping the air clean and fresh 7x24 in your home or office.

With the use of ActivePure Technology created by NASA, the ecobox can assure you a better breathable indoor air and environment.

List Price: $395.99
Sale Price:$297.95

SIZE: (H x W x D)
6.5 " x 6.5 " x 7"

1 years parts and labor.

Mean Time Before Failure:
10 - 15 Years.

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