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Living water filters produce spring like water

"We love our Living Water system, it has created a thirst for water in all of us;the fact that older people just don't get thirsty as they once did in their youth is true. However, now that we know our drinking water is safe and good tasting like any spring water, we are drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, and it has made a world of difference in our skin, overall health and energy. Thank you for giving us the gift of health through your Living Water System."

Helen & Carl Farr
Dallas, TX



Our Technologically-Advanced EPA Certified and Approved
Living Water Systems, Can Provide You With the BEST
Quality 'Spring Water' For Less Than Penny a Day!

"Our Living Water II & III can remove dangerous micro-organisms, chemicals, and cleanse 99.9% of all particles of one micron or larger from your drinking water. The end result, a crystal clear water that you only expect to find in a natural mountain spring water"

Water-born contaminants like Cryptosporidium, bacteria, giardia ... are also an immediate concern:

Through the years, the EPA has focused on potential cancer-causing chemicals as the main threat to water quality. Trihalomethines, by products of chlorination, are suspected carcinogens. Now water agencies and Federal health officials have determined that water-borne contaminants like cryptosporidium, bacteria, giardia and viruses are also an immediate concern.

Living Water II & III systems bring the convenience of tap water and the cleansing power of the nature into your home or office simply and affordably. Like a pristine mountain stream, Living Water system blends natural processes to remove dangerous micro-organisms and to cleanse 99.9% of all particles of one micron or larger. Your water will not only be safer, it will taste better than ever before. Living Water system installs at your sink in just minutes.

As much as we take it for granted, clean water is a privilege that most of the world's inhabitants do not have. Typhoid and dysentery outbreaks still occur in the poor communities of the world, and the monumental task of making clean, healthy water available to everyone is far from accomplished. Now there's a way you can help.

Living water filters produce the best water

Why not join MILLIONS of satisfied customers in seeing for yourself how effective Living Water can be in your home or office?

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Technology borrowed from
the earth...

At many water bottling plants, ozonation, ultraviolet light, and carbon filtration are key to producing great tasting drinking water. With Living Water, the high costs of delivery and bulky water jugs is eliminated. You are simply free to enjoy an unlimited supply of great tasting drinking water.

Living Water II & III system protects you against non-pathogenic microorganisms and removes parasitic cysts. Living Water systen removes more than 99.95% of particles, thus eliminating cysts like Cryptospordium. In addition, Living Water's UV intensity is 40% greater than required by ANSI/NSF Standard 556 (Class B) for ultraviolet microbiological water treatment systems.

Reduces chlorine lead, mercury and other chemicals:
Living Water system reduces chlorine, lead mercury and other chemicals by greater than 99%

Easy to install:
Attaches to your faucet in minutes, and comes with a molded plastic stand for mounting on the wall or keeping it on the counter top.

You know it's working!: Every time you use the water, the lamp and water action indicate it's functioning properly.

Living Water is fully certified:
The Living Water meets all
requirements for
federal and state

Specifications for Living Water:

Flow Rate:
1/2 gallon
per minute.

110V AC,
20 watts

Filter Life:
8 months
or 500 gallons.

Lamp Life:
10,000+ hrs
on/off cycles
(approx. 2 years).


Here is how Living Water II & III works:

Step 1.
Incoming water is treated with ozone which destroys contaminants and improves taste.

Step 2. Ozonated water and ultraviolet (UV) light protect against non-pathogenic microorganisms.
Step 3. During photo-oxidation, the ozone and UV are combined in a patented process that greatly increases the effectiveness of each.
Step 4. Water is filtered through a high-performance, 1-micron cartridge with lead absorption media, trapping dissolved lead, chlorine, mercury and particles smaller than Cryptospordium.
Step 5. Final exposure to UV is an added measure of protection against non-pathogenic microorganisms.
*Living Water III adds a 20 micron pre-filter for larger sediment before step 1.

Great features:

Living Water combines three technologies in one compact water treatment system:

  • Ozonation
  • Ultraviolet light exposure
  • Photo-oxidation

Filter: High-density carbon block filtration. Formed activated carbon block with lead absorbent media.

Particulate Reduction:
Less than 1 micron.

UV Exposure &Intensity: exceeds published NSF Class B requirements (22,500 UWS/CM2).

Chemical Additives: None (ozone created in the unit)

Living Water II
List Price: $599.00
Sale Price
:Sold Out

Filter Cartridge:
List Price:$68.00
Sale Price:

UV Lamp:
List Price:$77.00
Sale Price:

Dimensions: 4" diameter, 15" high Weight- 5 Lbs. (Empty).

Warranty: 1 year on system and on lamp.

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Note- Living WaterIII was designed specifically for use with well water. It has an additional 20 micron pre-filter for larger sediments that are usually found in well waters.

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