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Living water filters produce spring like water


"Our Living Water Shower System is one of our best investments that we have made for our health and skin care. When I take a shower with the New Cascading Living water Shower Filter, I feel great all over, like as if my skin can breathe again, and as far as my hair is concerned, it is definitely more manageable and softer too. I highly recommend this product to anyone who cares about their health"

Carol Simons,
Knoxville, TN



Ecoquest Living Water Shower Filter EPA approved and can remove 99% of all contaminants in your water!


"Our Living Water Shower Filtration System can remove 99% of all harsh chemicals and other harmful skin irritants from your shower. The end result, a crystal clear water that you only expect to find in a natural mountain spring water"

Cascading Living Water Shower
Filtration 5 Spray System:

Chlorine and other chemicals in shower water have been linked as one of the causes of several kinds of cancer. Chlorine also causes or worsens skin irritations and rashes, and can irritate eyes, leaving them red, itchy, and burning. Inhaling chlorine can aggravate sinuses and lungs as well.

This Chlorgon® filtration media removes the following from your shower and bath water:

-Free Chlorine (CI)
-Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
-Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Vapors
-Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
-Iron Oxide (Rust Water)
-Dirt, Sediment and Other Odors


No Longer available

Replacement Filter for the Old Living Water Shower-head (A1C):
(Will last up to 8 month, depending on sediments in your water)

List Price: $48.00

Sale Price: $34.95

Replacement Filter for the Old Hand Held Living Water Shower-head 2PK
(Each Will last up to 8 month, depending on sediments in your water)

List Price: $45.00

Sale Price: $33.95






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